Pastor Mark Koonz is a graduate of Concordia University (formerly Christ College Irvine) and Princeton Theological Seminary (1990).  He did additional studies at Wartburg Theological Seminary.  His previous experience included campus ministry work at Princeton University through Lutheran Church of the Messiah (LCMS); a one year chaplaincy training at a prison for boys in New Jersey; a one-year pastorate in Kansas; a ten year pastorate in Opheim, Montana, where he had a radio ministry "Light for Life" for two and a half years (KCGM, Scobey), which was primarily a verse by verse exposition of biblical passages.  Mark also served one term on the Montana Synod Council of the ELCA. He has served at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Walla Walla for over 18 years. 

Pastor Mark's interests include walking in the country, painting landscapes, getting together with friends (even for canoeing or horse riding), travel, and reading.  Some of his articles have been published in the following journals:  Edification:  Journal of the Society for Christian PsychologyTheology in Scotland, The Princeton Theological Review, and CSL:  The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society.  He has contributed chapters on spiritual counseling, with particular reference to James Loder of Princeton Seminary, in the books Embracing Truth (edited by David W. Torrance and Jock Stein) and The Logic of the Spirit in Human Thought and Experience (edited by Dana Wright and Keith White).  These are not included here, but the process of research and engaging with other interersted people was a blessing that enriched his ministry.  The handful of short papers included under Resources are samples of handouts in adult Bible classes.