Our mission is to encourage each other to know and follow Jesus Christ, living our lives as his disciples in our time and place.  We can only do this as part of the community Jesus has been growing and building world-wide for nearly 2,000 years. 

      No individual can stay spiritually strong and serve the Lord's community-increasing mission apart from taking his or her place in Christ's community.  So our mission is to encourage and build one another up, through praise and worship services, through praying together, studying together, loving each other and working together. 

      Our mission is to make Jesus Christ known to our family, friends, neighbors and wider community.  Our mission is to support and encourage missions elsewhere, so Christ can be known around the world as people receive God's love and live in renewed fellowship.  We do this as we rejoice in God's gifts.

      Our mission is to pray for one another and for the world, to forgive our enemies and testify to the transforming power of Christ's love.  Our mission is to have a passion for passing our faith on to our children. 

      Our mission is to teach the apostolic truth about the mediation of Jesus, who represented God to us and represented humanity before God, and provided at-one-ment (atonement) between God and the human family through his holy life, death and resurrection.  And so we are called to hear and welcome, then speak and teach this truth. 

      These are vital missions, but we cannot fulfill them in our own strength.  We acknowledge we are helpless if left to our selves. Thus, we depend on the Holy Spirit who empowers us to come to faith and strengthens our faith, our love, and our ability to trust and obey. 

      In our mission we are guided by a sound interpretation of the Bible, inherited from teachers of the ancient church and the Reformers.  We are connected to all the followers of Christ around the world and across the generations of time.  Our mission is important but is not isolated from the mission of all Christians everywhere.